Representing clients in NSW Local Courts

Fiona Sams qualified as a Legal Practitioner of New South Wales in 1999.

She has had extensive experience representing clients in NSW Local Courts. She has also represented clients in the NSW District Court & Supreme Court.

In 2006,  Fiona was appointed Chair of the NSW Young Lawyers Criminal Law Committee.

She also contributed to the 2nd edition of " A Practitioner's Guide to Criminal Law" which was produced by NSW Young Lawyers.

In 2011, Fiona commenced trading as Director of an Incorporated Legal Practice, Campagne Law Pty.Ltd.

The name was inspired by the French word "campagne" which means "countryside". In 2012,  Fiona's new business was featured in the prestigious NSW Law Society Journal for it's innovation.

Fiona is now also a guest law lecturer at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst.

You can call Fiona on her mobile 0417 525 276 at any time if you need legal advice. 

The office for the new business is based in Bathurst, NSW, Australia.

Fiona is currently available to appear for clients in the Bathurst area and surrounding region. She also regularly appears for clients in the South West Slopes incuding at Young and Cootamundra.  Over the years, she has represented clients in many locations and in a diverse range of matters. If you need a representative in a NSW Local Court, call Fiona to arrange top quality representation.